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What is an Athletic Trainer?
Sports are a big part of life, especially for youngsters. So much so that the number and level of organized sports have sky rocketed. As this has happened, so has the number of injuries. It is hard to watch any contact sports these days without one seeing an injury.

Because of this, most organized sports these days have athletic trainers. These trainers work to prevent, treat, and rehabilitate athletes that are injured. This is so important that athletic training is now considered an allied health profession. For any organized sports or athletic department, the trainer will do things like:

1. Determine nature of injury during games and practice

2. Give first aid to injured athlete if and when necessary

3. Send injured athlete for medical treatment

4. Develop conditioning and training programs to help athletes’ strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination

5. Supply bandages, wraps, straps, and pads to athletes

6. Give rehabilitation advise to athletes and their coaches on conditioning and reconditioning

7. Measure and fit guards, braces, and other protective devices to athletes

8. Meet team physician to discuss rehabilitation and treatment options for injured athletes

9. Meet with athletic directors to discuss budgets and device and equipment purchase

10. Educate athletes on the best ways to remain injury free

11. Help keep competitions safe

12. Help maintain competition policies and guidelines

13. Etc.

The athlete trainer must work closely with team doctors and sports psychologists to help athletes overcome injuries, both physically and emotionally. The level and number of contacts with team physician and psychologist will vary have from one setting to the other.

How to Become an Athletic Trainer:
To become an athlete trainer, you should first finish high school or obtain your GED. The courses that can help in high school are physical education, first aid, geometry, physics, health education, etc.

This is one of those professions that require at least a bachelor’s degree from a four year college. After high school, you need to apply to one of the four year colleges that offers bachelor’s degree in athletic training. Some people don’t stop at the bachelor degree level. They go as high as getting a masters or doctorate degree.

A typical athletic training program will involves taking classes like:

a. Introduction to Athletic Training
b. Exercise Science
c. Emergency Care for Athletes
d. Prevention of Athletic Injuries
e. Care of Athletic Injuries
f. Muscle Testing
g. Pathology of Body Systems
h. Etc.

To practice, you must take and pass a certification examination. The exam has 3 components. It is given by The National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA).

Athletic Trainer Salary:
Athletic trainers make excellent pay. The national average pay is $43,000 per year according to search on Their salary can go as high as $60,000 per year. This depends on your location, education, and level of responsibility.

Athletic Trainer School:
There are some schools with good athletic trainer program. One excellent one is Boston University. Boston University offers a bachelors degree in athletic training. You should request their no obligation free information. Just click this link and be on your way to potentially making $60,000 per year.

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