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What is Health Educator?
A health educator is one who instructs people about important guidelines and topics that will hopefully help them lead healthy, well-rounded, and holistic lives. If you desire to become one, you should exhibit certain personality traits, along with the ability to make a commitment to pursue an education in the public health field. You also have to realize that not only are you going to have to take continuing education courses but you are also going to be able to adapt to new trends.

One who desires to go into health education must have a real passion for health issues and should seek to maintain risk-free standards in her own life. For instance, how would you educate people to stop smoking if you are a chimney smoker yourself? How could you try to encourage people to eat healthy so that they can maintain a near normal weight if you yourself are obese? While you may still succeed, it’ll be hard for people to buy what you are selling.

Health educators must have uninhibited social skills and be comfortable in educating and informing people about avoiding fatty foods, the risks of smoking and trying to choose lifestyles that help to prevent certain diseases like diabetes and cancer. Much of their career involves public speaking so he or she should be comfortable standing up in front of small groups and large crowds.

How to Become a Health Educator:
In order to become a health educator, you should major in health education, public health, or some similar discipline. You will find that some colleges and universities programs with either a Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Arts degree. After graduation from an accredited college or university, you are now able to become certified as a certified health educator specialist (CHES). Nationwide certification is now considered standard for just about every job when one considers going into the health field.

In today's highly competitive workplace, people that want to go into health education should think about continuing on to get their master's degree in public health. Many employers are now looking for those who have advanced degrees in health training.

Also, it is crucial for people who are in this field to stay in touch with medical discoveries and news because this is a constantly changing field. In order to convey healthy lifestyle habits to their clients, health educators must have knowledge of the most up-to-date trends.

One of the skills needed is the ability to be able to work well in groups. The health educator will often combine research and knowledge to arrange different speaking engagements or collaborate on special projects. The educator must have the ability to combine the sciences such as anatomy and biology with psychological and environmental sciences in an effort to promote lifestyle practices that strive to be most effective.

You may find health educators working as health teachers in schools, but more than likely you will find them working in medical facilities such as public health care centers and hospitals.

Health Educator Salary:
You make good money as a health educator. The national average pay is $66,000 per year. Your salary will continue to increase as you gain more experience and years of service.

Health Education School:
If you’re looking to go into the health education field, we have the school for you. The school is the University of Phoenix. They have programs online and on campus. As a matter of fact, they are considered the leading innovator in distance learning.

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