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What is an Insurance Clerk?
One thing about going to the doctor or hospital is that eventually the bill comes due. Hospital or healthcare facilities want their money. They need it to able to operate and pay their staff. This is why they go through the hassle of verifying your insurance before they admit you.

The people that help hospitals or healthcare facilities do this are insurance clerks. They are known in some facilities as medical insurance or health insurance clerks. These clerks work with medical coding and billing specialists to get the proper treatment information to send the correct bill to insurance companies. In a normal work day, the health insurance clerk may do all or some of the following:

1. Collect insurance information from patients

2. Verify the accuracy of information on insurance claim form

3. Verify completeness of information on insurance claim form

4. Verify insurance coverage with insurance companies

5. Obtain treatment information from doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers

6. Complete private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid claim forms

7. Send insurance claim to private insurance companies or federal agencies

8. Write or call insurance companies to get update on claim

9. Record insurance payments

10. Answer questions regarding insurance coverage and payment

11. Work with insurance companies to stay up to date on government rules and regulations

12. Update and file insurance information and treatment codes

13. Etc.

There are a lot of rules and regulations concerning filing insurance claims with the government. The medical insurance clerk must stay updated on these rules and regulations. The last thing a healthcare facility wants is to incur government fines or delay in payment because their clerk did not follow the proper procedure.

How to Become an Insurance Clerk:
One needs a high school diploma or GED before they can become a medical insurance clerk. While in high school, it would be a good idea to study things like data processing, office procedures, computer skills, health education, etc.

In some healthcare facilities, there is no more training required after high school. These facilities will hire you out of high school and train you on what they need you to do.

There are health care facilities that require you have additional training after high school. The preferred training is health information system. This training will last 2 years and you earn an associate degree when you finish. The training will cover things like:

a. Medical Coding and Billing
b. Legal Issues in Healthcare
c. Medical Records System
d. Principles of Health Care
e. Information Management System
f. Recordkeeping Procedures
g. Medical Terminology
h. Etc.

There is no required registration or certification. However, getting certified will give you a better chance of employment and pay. You can do so by taking and passing the certification examination given by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

Insurance Clerk Salary:
Health insurance clerks may good wage. The national average pay is $25,000 per year. Their salary can go as high as $34,000 per year. This depends on your location, education, and level of responsibility.

Insurance Clerk School:
We know of a good school with the health information program. The school is ITT Institute College. You need to check them out. You can do so by following this link and be on your way to the medical insurance clerk job of your dream.

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