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What is a Dental Assistant?
Dental assistants play important role in the dental profession. You have undoubtedly seen them in your last visit to the dentist. The assistant was the one in the room with the dental doctor or hygienist helping him or her in your dental health care.

The typical dental assistant will perform the following duties:

1. Get the patients medical history
2. Assist the dentist during treatment procedures, including surgery
3. Take and develop dental x-ray if necessary
4. Sterilize and disinfect dental instruments
5. Assist in the model and construction of dentures, teeth, and mouth
6. Instruct patients on oral hygiene before, during, and after office visit
7. Maintain treatment records
8. Assist in schedule and appointment confirmation
9. Collect fees from patients
10. Etc.

Dental assisting career requires someone who is in control and alert. Some dental procedures can take a long time to complete. You must be able to cope during that time.

How to Become a Dental Assistant:
To become a dental assistant, you must have a high school diploma or GED. You will then need to further your education by getting a certificate or associate degree. While it is still possible, gone are the days where you can learn dental assisting on the job.

You can expect to take the following classes in a certificate or degree program:

a. Emergencies in Dental Office
b. Dental Anatomy
c. Dental X-Ray
d. Sterilization and Defecting of Dental Instruments and Equipments
e. Identification of Dental Tools and Equipments
f. Usage of Dental Tools and Equipment
g. Etc.

Dental assisting training will last 9 to 24 months. This will depend on if you want a certificate or degree.

Dental Assistant Salary:
Dental assistants make a starting salary of $31,000 per year. Some of them make as much as $41,000, depending on location and nature of the job. This salary will continue to increase as you gain more experience and years of service.

Dental Assistant School:
If you are looking to meet the educational requirements needed to become a dental assistant, check out Lincoln Technical Institute. Lincoln Tech even has an option of taking classes online. This way, you don’t have to interrupt your current lifestyle to get into the dental assisting profession. Get their no obligation free information by clicking this link.

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