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What is a Pharmacy Technician?
If you have been to a drug store, then you have probably run into a pharmacy technician. We hope you didn’t confuse them as cashiers, which some people do. A Pharmacy tech works next to the pharmacist by assisting him or her prepare prescription, maintain patient’s records, drug inventory, and billing information.

A technician must be diligent in his or her duties. They most assure the accuracy of the prescription drug order that comes from the doctor. Messing orders up could be deadly to the patient.

As more and more medications are discovered, the skill required to perform this job increases. The pharmacy technician must maintain a broad understanding of medical and pharmaceutical terms and symbols.

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician:
A starting point to become a pharmacy tech is to get your high school diploma or GED. You will then need to attend a school that has pharmacy tech program. You should be able to complete such a program in 6-12 months. You can expect to take the following courses:

a. Fundamentals of Pharmacy
b. Introduction to Pharmacology
c. Mathematics for Pharmacy Technicians
d. Pharmaceutical Information Systems
e. Top and Most Common Prescription Drugs
f. Medical Terminology
g. The Healthcare System
h. Etc.

When you complete your training, there are a number of places you can work at. Examples are:

1. Hospitals
2. Clinics
3. Retail Pharmacies
4. Health Maintenance Organizations
5. Home Healthcare Pharmacies
6. Etc.

Pharmacy Technician Salary:
Pharmacy techs make $27,000 per year to start. Some make as much as $43,000 per year. Of course those that make this much have some experience and years of service behind them. The salary also varies from state to state, sometimes from locality to locality.

Pharmacy Technician School:
If you are looking to meet the educational requirements needed to become a pharmacy tech, we have the school for you. Rasmussen College offers a program that qualifies one to become one. You have nothing to lose if you check them out. You can do so by requesting for their free no obligation information through this link.

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