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What is a Medical Laboratory Technician?
Medical laboratory technicians also known as clinical laboratory technicians also known as medical technicians are part of medical laboratory teams. They work under the supervision of physicians and medical laboratory technologists.

Sometimes confused as clinical laboratory technologists, these technicians perform less complex lab tests than technologists. They basically perform routine laboratory tests on blood, tissue, and other bodily fluids. In the course of a day’s job, the medical technician can perform some of the following:

1. Prepare tissue, blood, and urine for testing
2. Test tissue, blood, and urine
3. Look for abnormalities and disease on specimen
4. Evaluate and report test result to physician or other laboratory team members
5. Update and keep patients’ medical history
6. Determine blood type for patient blood transfusion
7. Test for blood and alcohol level in blood
8. Test and determine blood count
9. Setup, calibrate, clean, and maintain laboratory equipments and machines
10. Etc.

The clinical lab technician must be very vigilant when performing tests. The last thing you want is to give a patient the wrong diagnosis. The wrong diagnosis, good or bad, is bad for the patient.

If you give a patient a clean bill of health when the patient is sick, it will prevent him or her from getting treatment, which could lead to the sickness getting worse. If you tell a patient they are sick when he or she is not, the psychological impact could just be as devastating to the patient and family members.

How to Become a Medical Laboratory Technician:
If you want to become a clinical technician, you should first of all get a high school diploma or equivalent. You will then need to further your education by getting a certificate or associate degree. If you get into a clinical laboratory technician program, you can expect to take the following courses in a certificate or associate degree program:

a. Medical Terminology
b. Blood and Urine Analysis
c. Microbiology
d. Human Anatomy and Physiology
e. Immunology
f. Clinical Laboratory Mathematics
g. Clinical Laboratory Statistics
h. Etc.

A medical technician program will last from 12 to 24 months. This will depend on if you are getting a certificate or associate degree. The certificate program will last the 12 months while the associate degree will last 24 months.

Medical Laboratory Technician Salary:
Clinical lab technicians make good money. The average salary is $38,000 per year. We have seen salary as high as $46,000 per year. This depends on your location, education, and level of responsibility. This salary will continue to increase as you gain more experience and years of service.

Medical Laboratory Technician School:
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