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What is an Occupational Therapist Aide?
Sometimes there is so much involved in the rehabilitation of a patient that leads to occupational therapists needing occupational therapy aides. Keep in mind that this is in addition to their assistant. This aide will simply provide support to the therapist and his or her assistant.

The aide must work under the supervision of the therapist or assistant. The outcome of what the aide is doing must be predictable. This way the occupational therapist aide is not put in a position to make decisions. Some of the things they would be involved in are:

1. Transferring patient from bed to wheelchair or vice versa
2. Taking care of patient personal needs, like feeding, bathing, clothing
3. Transporting patient from one location to another, like from patient’s home to treatment facility
4. Doing housekeeping at a patient’s home or the treatment facility
5. Doing secretarial work, like answering the phone and typing
6. Ordering supplies needed for patient’s treatment
7. Sending out bills to insurance companies and patients
8. Preparing treatment area
9. Preparing treatment equipments, machines, and devices
10. Helping exercise the patient in a well established and predictable routine
11. Etc.

This is another profession where being physically fit is necessary. You earn your money by being on the go.

How to Become an Occupational Therapist Aide:
There is no established training or schooling for occupational therapy aides. The requirement will vary from one employer to the next. The most common we have seen is high school diploma or equivalent. You will then get on the job training from the therapist or the assistant that hires you.

This is one of the best ways to become an occupational therapist assistant. In fact, it will behoove you to take some classes while doing the job. This way you can at least get a certificate or associate degree in the profession. Some of the classes you can take should you want to go this route are:

a. Introduction to Occupational Therapy
b. Medical Terminology
c. Kinesiology for Occupational Therapy Assistants
d. Human Anatomy
e. Therapeutic Exercise
f. Occupational Therapy for Pediatric Patients
g. Occupational Therapy for Adults
h. Etc.

You do not need certification to work as an occupational therapy aide. The only thing is that the rules and regulations require that you must work under the direct supervision of a therapist or assistant.

Occupational Therapist Aide Salary:
For a job that only requires high school diploma or equivalent, aides make decent pay. The average salary per year is $25,000. We have also seen some that make as much as $36,000 per year. This depends on your level of education, location, and level of responsibility.

Occupational Therapist Aide School:
If you are an aide who wants to eventually become an assistant, then you need to take some classes. This should be your long term goal as we said above.

We know of a school that will help you with this goal. The school is Keiser University. Keiser University offers the associate of science in occupational therapy assistant. You should request for their program information to check it out. You can do so by clicking this link.

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