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What is a Histologic Technologist?
Cancer and other disease need to be dictated early. Otherwise they could spread and cause undue harm, including death, to the patient or animal. This is what histotechnologists do. The histology Technologist (HTL) prepares animal or human tissue samples for microscopic examination.

Sometimes confused as histologic technicians, these technologists perform more advanced laboratory tests than histotechnicians. In the course of a day’s job, the HTL will perform some of the following:

1. Receive tissue sample or specimen from other team members

2. Mount the tissue sample or specimen on the slide

3. Stain the tissue sample or specimen with chemicals for emphasis

4. Perform microscopic examination

5. Identify the problem

6. Help in ensuring the integrity and quality of test results

7. Help in ensuring the safety of test and team members

8. Identify tissue structures, cell components, staining characteristics

9. Identify the reason for unusual test results

10. Perform routine preventive maintenance on equipment, devices, and machines

11. Solve instrument, equipment, and machine problems

12. Etc.

The HTL must be a people person. You will work with other clinical laboratory team members. Getting along with them is important.

You must also be able to work quick and under pressure. Sometimes tissue samples are tested or examined while surgery is being performed on the patient. You must deliver result without wasting a lot of time.

How to Become a Histologic Technologist:
To become a histotechnologist, you need to get your high school diploma or equivalent. You should take courses in biology, chemistry, computer science, etc. After you meet the above requirement, you then need to apply to a histology school.

The HTL is required to have 4 years of college that ends in a bachelors degree is histology. You should expect to take such courses as:

a. Tissue Identification
b. Fixation Chemistry
c. Histology Diagnostics
d. Histotechniques
e. Biological Staining
f. Histologic Lab Techniques
g. Histology Chemistry
h. Etc.

After graduation, you need to be certified to practice. You can do this by taking and passing the certification examination offered by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP). You will have the title of HTL after you do.

Histologic Technologist Salary:
Being a histotechnologist means you will make good pay. The average salary is $51,000 per year. We have seen salaries as high as $61,000 per year. This will depend on your location, experience, and level of responsibility.

Histologic Technologist School:
Not many schools offer the HTL program. Not to worry! We do take care of our visitors. You can find one in your area or online by visiting this link. Check it out.

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