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What is Medical Illustrator?
A medical illustrator is a rare individual who has both a demonstrated artistic ability along with a detailed knowledge of animal and human anatomy. She also has a keen knowledge of medical and surgical procedures.

A person who wants to enter this line of work should have a creative mind so that she will be able to communicate her ideas visually and she should be detail oriented. The med illustrator makes use of the most modern computer technology along with the newest graphic design software. Some of the major duties of the illustrator are as follows:

• Creates graphic representations of biological or medical subjects for use in pamphlets, instructional films, teaching models, textbooks, exhibits and civil/criminal legal procedures.

• Assists in education as well as research.

• Draws illustrations or makes three-dimensional models to come to the assistance of medical professionals or teachers who are having a difficult time getting across difficult biological processes and concepts.

How to Become a Medical Illustrator:
If a student shows a high interest in becoming a medical illustrator, here are some of the courses that should be taken in high school:

• Art
• Chemistry
• Drawing and Design
• History
• Printing
• Photography
• Biology
• Algebra
• English
• Graphic Arts
• Study about health and medical professions
• Computer Illustration

Usually, at the end of the junior or the beginning of the senior year in high school, the college-bound student will take the ACT or SAT in order to find an accredited college or university. Students interested in entering the medical illustration field should contact different accredited schools of higher education about admission procedures.

In college, the student must acquire specialized training not only in art but the biological sciences as well. It really helps to have a certain amount of natural talent in order to enter this field. A bachelor's degree that combines premedical and art courses is typically preferred. The student should then go on to pursue her master's degree in medical illustration.

Work Environment:
You will find illustrators employed in the following places:

• Medical Schools
• Research Organizations
• Advertising Agencies
• Large medical centers that have both teaching and research programs
• Hospitals
• Publishing Companies
• Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

There are also other med illustrators who are free-lance artists who contract out their work.

Career Outlook:
If you are thinking about going into medic illustration, you must realize that this is a very competitive and small field. But, you can always find a place in the educational field. Technology constantly changes our educational system and it will be necessary to have medical illustrators to produce computer models that are state-of-the-art so that teachers will be able to stay on the cutting edge. The person who enjoys science and has the aptitude for art should consider becoming a medical illustrator.

Medical Illustrator Salary:
Med Illustrators make decent income. The average salary is $53,000 per year. This will of course depend on the level of you responsibility. The salary also varies by location, years of experience, and level of responsibility.

Medical Illustration School:
If you want to study medic illustration, then visit the embanet website to find the school in your area or online. These are some of the top schools in the world. You need to check them out. You can request for free no obligation information through this link.

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