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What is Optometric Technician?
We have all at some time or other had an appointment with the eye doctor or optometrist to have our eyes checked. The focus on preventative health is to have an eye examination every few years, or every year if you are diabetic, to avoid any eye problems before they begin. In the office, you will see a technician working at some of the following tasks:

• Record medical history of the patient
• Help to get the patient ready for the eye examination
• Assist with tests that will help to make certain of the accurate diagnosis and the treatment of an eye that is diseases
• Pre-test the patient with such things as color vision, pupil reflexes, pressure inside of the eye, visual acuity, depth perception, visual field testing and blood pressure
• Assist patients in assuring that they understand how to correctly take care of and use eye glasses and contact lenses
• Assist patient with vision therapy and eye exercises
• Maintain schedules and records
• Assist patient with selection of eyeglass frames
• Maintains inventory of supplies
• Helps to make as well as repair eyeglasses
• Cleans sophisticated ocular equipment

The optometric tech usually works under the supervision of an optometrist. Sometimes they do not usually face any hazards on the job. Someone who is interested in this field of work should have excellent communication skills and be a real "people person". This person should also be self-motivated, be organized and should be able to use good judgment.

How to Become Optometric Technician:
If you think you may want to become an optometric tech, then these are some of the courses you should take in high school:

a. Biology
b. Computer skills
c. Algebra
d. English
e. History
f. English
g. Literature
h. Social studies

You should still have further studies. You should either graduate from an accredited high school or have a GED. These technicians may obtain a job and only have on the job training.

However, more people want to receive formal training of two years so they can get their associate's degree. When they complete a formal training program, they will be able to become a Certified Optometric Technician. This certification can be obtained by contacting the "National Council on Paraoptometric Certification".

Optometric Technician Job Outlook:
Most technicians will find work in optometrists' offices along with other optometric professionals. You can expect to work forty hours a week but this may have you working some evenings and weekends. Some optometric techn's may only be employed part-time.

The opportunity to be employment looks excellent over the next ten years. The number of jobs is expected to increase more than 20 percent through the year 2012. The demand for this field will continue to increase due to the baby boomer generation growing older.

All kinds of vision care specialists will be on the rise in order to keep pace with the demand. There will be more employment opportunities becoming available due to people within the profession either leaving or retiring for different reasons.

Optometric Technician Salary:
Optometric tech’s make good money. The average salary is $10.36 an hour for new graduates. The ones with 5 years or more experience make as much as $18.75 per hour. This depends on your location, education, and level of responsibility.

Optometric Technician School:
If you looking to become an Opto tech, visit the health care website to find a school in your area or online. You need to check them out. In as little as 12 months, you can be making the above pay. You can request for free no obligation information through this link.

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