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What is Environmental Health Technician?
The environmental health technician is a professional working in the public health field who works with scientists, architects, government agencies, engineers, business owners and the public in order to investigate, identify and inspect environmental problems that may be affecting the health of people. Their duties may significantly change depending on the needs of his or her employer. Here is a list of some of the assignments that this type of health professional will be given to do:

• Collect animal waste, water or soil.

• Document data.

• Maintain accurate records.

• Examine complaints.

• Inspect and investigate whether an area is overrun with rodents, roaches, feral cats, mosquitoes, snakes or other animals.

• Has the responsibility to inspect, evaluate and correct health concerns arising because of violations from public, licensed establishments including swimming pools, food retail stores, trailer parks, motels and pet stores.

• May also have the responsibility to inspect swimming pool pumps and make certain that the appropriate amount of chemicals have been put into the pool system in order to ensure public health safety.

• Respond to complaints of the public regarding solid waste, hazardous materials and sewage. In order to make sure that these materials are handled appropriately, he may have the responsibility of monitoring the clean-up of the above materials.

• Inform public of a variety of available health programs.

How to Become an Environmental Health Technician:
There are a number of ways that one can embark on a career as an environmental health technician. Many people either choose to attend a technical or community college where they will earn either a certificate or an associate's degree. Still others will receive a combination of on-the-job experience as well as some formal training.

In the majority of cases, in order to receive the right title for this job, people must usually attend a four-year accredited college or university and earn a bachelor's degree in chemistry, environmental health, biology or a related field.

At times, there may be entry-level jobs available to people who have simply graduated from high school or have a GED. No matter what the entry point may be, there are certain standards one has to meet in order to become a technician.

As general knowledge, the environmental health tech should understand the significance and importance of controlling the life cycles and breeding habits of some particular insects, controlling pests, animals and rodents. He should also be able to understand, as well as, apply laws concerning pesticides, public health and other practices.

In just about every case, you will find that these health professionals are employed by local, regional or national government agencies or private laboratories.

Environmental Health Technician Salary:
Environmental health tech’s make good money. The average salary is $51,000 per year. The ones with experience of 5 years or more make more money. This depends on your location, education, and level of responsibility.

Environmental Health Technician School:
If you’re looking to become a health tech, then visit the healthcare website to find school in your area or online. While there, request for free no obligation information.

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