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What is Optical Laboratory Technician?
If you have been to the eye doctor, you most likely have seen optical lab technicians. Sometimes known as optical mechanics or ophthalmic laboratory technicians, they are part of the vision care team. They work under the supervision of the eye doctor.

These technicians are responsible for cutting eyeglass lens to the prescription ordered by the eye doctor and fit them into frames. In the course of a day’s job, the ophthalmic laboratory tech can perform some or all of the following:

1. Read the lens and frame prescription from the eye doctor
2. Select the right lens from available supply
3. Use lens measuring equipment or machines to mark lens blanks
4. Make changes and medications as needed
5. Mount lenses into metal, plastic, or rimless frames
6. Inspect the mounted lenses to make sure they conform to the prescription and specification
7. Check patients broken lenses to identify the original specification
8. Grind lenses for telescopes and microscopes
9. Setup, calibrate, clean, and maintain laboratory equipments and machines
10. Etc.

The optical mechanic must pay close attention to detail. Not doing so could lead to giving the patient the wrong eyeglass or contact lens.

While part of the eye care team, the optical lab tech must enjoy working alone. This is the nature of laboratory work. It requires privacy so one can concentrate on his or her job.

How to Become Optical Laboratory Technician:
If you want to become an optical mechanic, you should first of all get a high school diploma or equivalent. The classes you should take while in high school are algebra, chemistry, geometry, biology, mechanical drawing, industrial arts, computer skills, and English. You can then get on the job training by starting out as a trainee in the laboratory.

Another way is to further your education by attending a school that has optical laboratory technician program. If you get into such program, you can expect to take the following courses:

a. Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye
b. Optical Dispensing
c. Optical Theory
d. Ophthalmic Optics
e. Chemical Experience
f. Principles of Management
g. Opticianary Laboratory
h. Etc.

An optical mechanic program will last from 12 to 24 months. This will depend on if you are getting a certificate or associate degree. The certificate program will last the 12 months while the associate degree will last 24 months.

After graduation, there is no certification or licensing requirement for optical laboratory techs. One can decide to join and become a member of the Opticians’ Association of America or the Optical Laboratory Association.

Optical Laboratory Technician Salary:
Ophthalmic lab technicians make good money. The average salary is $10.36 an hour for new graduates. The ones with 5 years or more experience make as much as $18.75 per hour. This depends on your location, education, and level of responsibility.

Optical Laboratory Technician School:
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