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What is a Radiological Technician?
Radiological technicians, also known as radiological technologists, also known as radiographers, use x-ray machines to diagnose and treat various wounds, injuries, and diseases in the human body. With the use of the radiographic equipment, they are able to produce images of the internal body. Their job will involves things like:

1. Explaining the imaging procedure to the patient
2. Evaluating the patient’s health condition
3. Positioning the x-ray machine to give the best view of the area being x-rayed
4. Taking images of bones and internal organs of the patient
5. Protecting the patient from overexposure to radiation
6. Protecting themselves from overexposure to radiation
7. Making sure patients remove jewelry or other items that x-rays do not pass through
8. Setting the radiographic equipment to take the right thickness, density, detail, and contrast
9. Updating and keeping patients’ medical records
10. Maintaining the radiographic equipment
11. Etc.

A Radiographer must be a people person. Sometimes patients need counseling. The people person personality comes in handy at these times.

How to Become a Radiological Technician:
As a first step to becoming a radiographer, you need to get your high school diploma or GED. You should take courses in biology, chemistry, computer science, etc. After you meet the above requirement, you then need to apply to a radiography school.

A radiological tech program will take you from 12 to 48 months to complete. The length of time will depend on if you are getting a certificate, an associate degree, or a bachelors degree in radiography. You should expect to take such courses as:

a. Fundamentals of Imaging
b. Radiological Procedures
c. Radiography Pathology
d. Fundamentals of Exposure
e. Introduction to Image Analysis
f. Radiation Protection
g. Advanced Imaging Procedures
h. Etc.

This is one of those medical assistants careers where certification is not mandatory. Some places where you will work will require that you be certified while others will not.

Radiological Technician Salary:
When it comes to being a radiological tech, the pay is good. The average salary is $54,000 per year. We have seen salaries as high as $65,000 per year. This will depend on your education, location, experience, and level of responsibility.

Radiological Technician School:
We have found a school that offers the radiography program. The school is Keiser University. It offers the rediological technologist program part online and part on campus. You need to check them out. You can do so through this link.

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