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What is a Licensed Practical Nurse?
LPNs, also known as LVNs, are important part of the medical assisting field. They work in direct contact with patients, families, doctors, and registered nurses to provide medical care to patients.

Most of these vocational nurses are general nurse practitioners. This means they do not specialize at this level of training. They see patients with all kinds of illness. They will do such things as:

1. Perform basic patient diagnostics
2. Give patients injection
3. Attend to patients’ calls and need for assistance
4. Check and record the vital signs of patients, like respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature, and pulse
5. Dress wounds
6. Give medication
7. Observe patients and report any reactions to treatment
8. Help patients perform prescribed physical activities
9. Train nursing aides and assistants
10. Supervise nursing aides and assistants
11. Etc.

Licensed vocational nurses work under the direction and supervision of registered nurses and doctors. Their level of responsibility varies from one healthcare facility to another. In nursing homes, they may be charge nurse, which allows them more power and less supervision.

How to Become a Licensed Practical Nurse:
Those aspiring to be LPNs should get a high school diploma or the equivalent. There are instances where you can become an LVN through vocational high schools. You should continue your education by attending an LPN school. A licensed vocational school program runs for 12 months. Be prepared to take classes like:

a. Human Anatomy
b. Human Physiology
c. Foundations of Nursing
d. Pharmacology
e. Medical Terminology
f. Medical-Surgical Nursing
g. Nutrition
h. Etc.

After you graduate, there are a number of places you can work. Examples are:

1. Hospitals
2. Nursing Homes
3. Rehabilitation Centers
4. Assisted Living Facilities
5. Hospice Centers
6. Etc.

All 50 states and the District of Columbia require that practical nurses be licensed before they can practice. You will need to take and pass the National Council Licensure Examination for LPNs (NCLEX-PN) administered by the National Council of States Boards of Nursing.

Licensed Practical Nurse Salary:
LVNs make on the average $42,000 per year. There are some that make as much as $47,000 per year. You will typically find the ones making this kind of money in long term care. Of course, the money you make depends on where you work, your level of responsibility and experience.

Licensed Practical Nurse School:
Nursing is a hot career. You can find a good number of schools offering programs. We have one we think you will like.

The school is Rasmussen College. It offers a diploma in practical nursing. In as little as 12 months, you will be done with this program and on your way to make the above money.

You need to check them out. You can get their free no obligation information by following this link.

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