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What is a Sonographer?
If you have had a baby, then you know what a sonographer does. They are ultrasound technicians that monitor the fetus of a pregnant woman. What you may not know is that they do more than that.

They also use special equipment to direct ultrasonography into the human body to diagnose health problems. This diagnosis is used by the doctor to treat the patient of these health problems. A typical day for the ultrasound technician may include some or all of the following:

1. Explaining the sonography procedure to the patient
2. Obtaining approval from the patient
3. Evaluating the patient’s health condition
4. Positioning the patient on the ultrasound table to give the best view of the area for the ultrasound
5. Applying the sonography gel to the patient
6. Setting and calibrating the ultrasound equipment for the best result
7. Videotaping or photographing the ultrasound images for the physician
8. Documenting the ultrasound result for the physician
9. Updating and keeping patients’ medical records
10. Maintaining the ultrasound equipment
11. Etc.

A sonographer needs to be somewhat physically fit. This is because he or she may need to move a patient to get them into the right position for the ultrasound.

How to Become a Sonographer:
If you are considering becoming an ultrasound technician, you need to get your high school diploma or equivalent. You should take courses in health education, biology, computer science, etc. After you meet the above requirement, you then need to apply to a senography school.

A sonography program will take you from 12 to 48 months to complete. The length of time will depend on if you are getting a certificate, an associate degree, or a bachelors degree in sonography. You should expect to take classes in such things as:

a. Principles of Ultrasound
b. Ultrasound Concepts
c. Ultrasound Instrumentation
d. Fundamentals of Exposure
e. Physiology
f. Medical Ethics
g. Introduction to Abdominal
h. Human Anatomy
i. Etc.

Certification as an ultrasound technician is not mandatory, but encouraged. Most employers will love to say their sonographer is certified. You can get certification through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS).

Sonographer Salary:
For those that want to become ultrasound technicians, you can look forward to a good pay. The average salary is $53,000 per year. We have seen salaries as high as $65,000 per year. This will depend on your education, location, experience, and level of responsibility.

Sonographer School:
We know of 2 schools that offer the ultrasound technician program. One of them is Keiser University. It offers the diagnostic medical sonography program part online and part on campus. You need to check them out. You can do so through this link.

The other school is Baker College. Baker College has campus and online programs. Check them out. You can also do it by clicking this link.

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