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What is a Massage Therapist?
It is believed that massage is one of the most natural ways to relax. So much so that it is fast becoming a recommendation by doctors for patients with pain and stress. Because of this, insurance companies have come to recognize massage therapy as a necessary medical treatment and are paying for it.

This is where massage therapists come in. Their job is to help people feel better by reducing pain and stress. This could be part of an injury healing process recommended by a doctor or relaxation pleasure that’s desired by the individual. A typical massage will involve the following:

1. Interviewing the patient or individual to get their medical history
2. Establishing the massage technique based on the interview
3. Preparing the massage setting or room
4. Determining if massage oil or lotion is needed
5. Massaging the area of the body that needs to be massaged
6. Talking to the client to find out how they are feeling about the massage
7. Adjusting the massage technique and process based on feedback
8. Etc.

The massage can take place in places like hospitals, nursing homes, airports, or people’s private residence. You must be comfortable in those settings.

A therapist must be able to stand for a long periods of time. A massage can last as long as 5 minutes or as long as for 2 hours. You will be on your feet most of the time.

How to Become a Massage Therapist:
There are many different requirements to becoming a massage therapist. It varies from state to state and even from locality to locality. The most common we have seen is high school diploma or equivalent. Then you need to gain admission and attend a massage therapy school. In such school, you will learn various massage techniques like:

a. Relaxation Massage
b. Infant Massage
c. Deep Tissue Massage
d. Swedish Massage
e. Aromatherapy Massage
f. Neuromuscular Massage
g. Sports Massage
h. Geriatric Massage
i. Etc.

There are over 200 massage techniques. What some massage therapists do is specialize in certain techniques instead of trying to be masters of all.

Some massage therapy schools will teach you business and entrepreneur courses. This is because most therapists eventually start their own massage business.

Massage Therapist Salary:
Masseuse as they are sometimes called make very good money. The average salary is $41,000 per year. Some make as much as $58,000 per year. The sky is the limit if you do end up starting your won massage business.

Massage Therapist School:
We have found a very good massage therapy school. The school is Rasmussen College. It offers certificate and associate degree in massage therapy. It is one of the schools that will teach you about the business world and starting your own massage business.

If you are interested, you need to request for their free no obligation information. You can do so by following this link.

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