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What is a Nutritional Nurse?
A nurse who may be awfully keen about providing nutritional advice to people may want to know how she may go about converting her interest in nutrition along with her nursing profession.

There would be a number of opportunities that would enable nurses to practice within the nutritional field in both acute as well as primary care. With considerable thought, planning and research, you could realize your wish and provide specialist nutritional support and make a significant difference in the lives of patients who you see.

If you choose to work as a nurse in the nutritional field, you should be a self-motivated, enthusiastic person who has excellent interpersonal, communication and time management skills. You would not only be expected to work alone but as part of a nutritional team in many disciplined settings.

You could also be supervising patients when they take nutrition classes or you may be the chief communicator in relaying any changes in patient care or to any other health care professionals.

Nutritionists have the responsibility to assess the diets of their patients who have different medical issues and provide advice about how they can control or prevent health problems through the diets of their patients. The nutritional nurse may plan food and other nutrition programs as well as diet regimens and provide consultative services for people who show an interest in maintaining their health.

How to Become Nutritional Nurse:
Let's assume that you are already a nurse and want to go on to get a nutritional degree in order to combine nursing with nutrition. Since you have already taken general biology, inorganic and organic chemistry and biochemistry in nursing school, you will not need to take them again when you study nutrition. You have to take these courses:

• Clinical Dietetics
• Nutrition Science
• Medical Nutrition Therapy
• Advanced Food Science
• Management of Food Service Systems
• Community Nutrition

Many Nurse Nutritionists collaborate with doctors as well as other healthcare professionals in order to coordinate medical along with dietary needs. Educational requirements are different between states; however, in order to receive certification, you should complete the requirements for an advanced degree in nutrition. You must also pass an examination that has been developed by the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists.

Here are some examples of various job roles that the nurses in the nutrition field may be involved in:

• Nutrition Nurse Advisor
• Clinical Nurse Nutrition Specialist
• Nurse Consultant - Clinical Nutrition
• Pediatric Nurse Advisor (Nutrition)
• Nurse Nutrition Practitioner
• Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist

Nurses in the nutrition field are also often involved with the following duties:

• The development and guidance of the preparation of special meal plans

• The recommendation of dietary changes as well as options for a poor diet

• Creation of wellness programs for organizations, athletes or other groups who have the need for a comprehensive nutrition program

• Helping people to lose or maintain weight

• Helping to treat illnesses by the promotion of healthy eating habits

• Being able to spotlight trends as well as changes in the industry of nutrition

• Being able to research developments in the medical and health fields

You would be combining two great careers into one - the field of nursing and the field of nutrition. You will reap great personal satisfaction as a nutritional nurse.

Nutritional Nurse Salary:
Nutritional nurses make good income. The national average salary is $62,000 per year. Your pay will continue to go up as you gain more experience and years of service.

Nutrition Nurse School:
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