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What is a Telemetry Nurse?
If you wish to become a telemetry nurse, you should have the desire to work with patients who are acutely ill. This particular nursing specialty will place you at the forefront of advanced patient care. The work is extremely vital to the patient's spectrum of healing and care. These are the main duties:

• Connect the patient to machines that record vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate

• Interprets readings from these machines and passes along information to health care team so that the patient's condition can be assessed

How to Become a Telemetry Nurse:
To begin your journey into this nursing specialty, you will first need to graduate from an accredited high school or have a GED. You must then take the ACT or SAT test and enroll in an accredited nursing school. It will take you two years to earn an associate degree in nursing or four years to earn your bachelor of science in nursing degree or BSN.

In order to meet the requirements for this degree, you are going to complete courses in the following areas:

• Science
• Math
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Nutrition
• Psychology
• Clinical rotations in hospitals and other health care facilities

After you graduate from nursing school with your associate or BSN, you will want to do some studying before you take the NCLEX-RN. This is the National Council Licensing Examination for nurses in order for them to get their license to practice their trade. After you pass this test, you will become a licensed registered nurse.

There may be some additional requirements that some states may have so these must be met before you can begin working in any of those states.

There is another entity called the "American Association of Critical-Care Nurses" or AACN that actually is in charge of setting the national guidelines that an RN must take in order to become a telemetry nurse. They administer the Progressive Care Certified Nurse or PCCN test that the RN must take in order to fulfill the certification requirements that have been established for this nursing specialty.

Telemetry is only one of several specialties in which RNs have to take the PCCN exam. You must also have prior work experience in critical care.

In order to qualify to take the PCCN exam, you should have a total of 1,750 hours of bedside nursing experience, taking care of acutely or critically ill patients within two years before taking your PCCN test. 875 of hours must be during the year before your exam.

The AACN will also accept certification applications from any registered nurse who has gained previous work experience at a foreign facility that meets the US standard of nursing practice for a specialty in telemetry. These foreign institutions must meet the AACN Magnet Status or must be accredited from the Joint Commission International.

Those nurses who wish to become a nurse in telemetry must register in order to take the exam and fees must be paid through the AACN online portal. Before you take the exam, you can make use of study guides, exam review courses, example questions as well as advice from other nurses in the field, who will be more than happy to help candidates pass the telemetry certification examination.

Most nurses in telemetry will find work in the Progressive Care Unit of a hospital.

Telemetry Nurse Salary:
Telemetry nurses make on the average $79,000 per year. There are some that make as much as $88,000 per year. The money you make depends on where you work, your level of responsibility, and experience.

Telemetry Nursing School:
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