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What is Adult Care Nurse?
An adult care nurse is a nurse who works with adults and/or the elderly. They work in the healthcare to implement the best skilled care for adults. To be an adult care nurse you should at least be an LPN at minimum. An LPN is a licensed practical nurse. The LPN program only requires one year of schooling.

But there are other type of nurses that work within the adult care umbrella such as director of nurses, charge/supervisor nurses, registered nurses, wound nurses, and etc. An adult care nurse is a nurse who works directly with adult and elderly patients and helps with the daily care plan to provide medical attention and ensure the best health recovery. They do such things as:

1. Give medication (Doctor's orders)
2. Performs the diagnostic on patients
3. Responsible for injections of patients
4. Addresses patients needs and calls
5. Checks and records patient's vital records such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiration, oxygen levels, blood sugar levels, among other things
6. They address wounds
7. Observe and chart in patient records
8. Assist with the physical therapy of patients
9. Train and teach other nurses and nurse aides
10. Supervise nurse aides
11. Become a companion to the patient
12. Etc

The adult care nurse has a major responsibility in the implementation of the care plan for each resident and or patient. They make sure that the residents daily activities of living are being met in the most competent way by each aide.

How to become an adult care nurse:
If you want to become an adult care nurse, you must for one get your high-school diploma. After you have received your diploma you can then proceed to further your education and training for working in the nursing field. You can get your Bachelor of Science degree in about 4 years that will make you a registered nurse. You then get all the certifications, licenses, and registrations you need. While you are in school getting your training, you can also work in the healthcare field at a skilled nursing home to get an idea of how it is regulated.

The classes you will be taking in your training to become an adult care nurse are as follows:

1. Biology
2. Human Anatomy and Physiology
3. Microbiology
4. Fundamentals of Nursing
5. Medical Terminology
6. Nutrition
7. Etc.

Once you have graduated and obtained all your schooling and certifications, you can then apply to places for employment. There are many places you work in as an adult and/or elderly nurse. The places that you can put in an application at are listed below.

1. Skilled nursing facilities
2. Residential care facilities
3. Intermediate care facilities
4. Hospice care
5. Home health agency
6. Hospitals
7. Etc.

As an adult care nurse there are many job advancements within the healthcare field. Plus the nursing field is a field that is always high in demand. You will always be able to find a stable and secure career. The pay of the nurse even though to some may be considered under-paid it is still a nice salary to make a decent living off of.

Adult Care Nurse Salary:
Adult care nurses make very good income. The national average pay is $78,000 per year. This depends on your location and years of experience.

Adult Care Nurse School:
If you are looking for schools that offer adult care nursing programs, visit the nurse training website. There, you will find schools in our area or online. You should request for the free information offered. You can go there by clicking this link.

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