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What is Holistic Nurse?
The American Nurses Association recognized the specialty of Holistic Nursing in 2006. The organization had a unique contribution to healing and the health of patients.

Specialty status is important, in that it recognizes that the specialty has its own set of standards and its own ideology, which distinguishes it from the other specialty areas of the profession. With recognition, the people who practice holistic nursing have a clear foundation for their practice and also gives them a voice that resonates within the profession. It also provides a clearer understanding of their position to the public and other areas of the health care profession.

In order to qualify for this specific specialty status, it was necessary to present the basics of the specialty.

1. The presence of evidence based research
2. A profound body of knowledge
3. By being diverse in the practice it allowed a variety of health practices to be performed.
4. A strict list of defined standards
5. The philosophy that holistic nursing was grounded in relationship, caring and the process of interconnection.

By creating the necessary documents to prove the complexity and the details of the specialty, the American Nurses Association was able to objectively decide that holistic nursing was indeed a specialty that should be recognized.

Still relatively new as a specialty, the American Holistic Nurses Association has provided a list of future goals and standards.

1. To provide universities and colleges with the proper curriculum to continue the development of the educational programs.
2. To validate the research and to begin the process of attracting funds for research.
3. To contact individual state boards of nursing and apply for recognition.
4. To describe the skills, abilities and knowledge that health care facilities are apt to expect from the nurses within the specialty.

Holistic nursing incorporates several different aspects of patient care. Not only do holistic nurses provide bedside nursing skills, but also incorporate acupuncture, spirituality, therapeutic massage and therapeutic or healing touch into their practice. By recognizing the totality of the human being they can incorporate clinical practice with natural healing in physiological, spiritual and psychological areas. It is a very well rounded approach to the nursing practice.

Certification is available to students in nursing programs as well as to practicing nurses. There are a few schools that will offer holistic nursing as a possible alternative to the traditional degrees. The curriculum incorporates the alternative treatments along with the traditional for a well rounded approach to the profession of nursing.

By approaching the nursing profession with a more holistic approach, these certified practitioners are becoming more and more valuable to the health care facilities that have practiced only traditional methods in the past. The whole person is treated. This is a goal that has been desired by nurses for many years, but is often downplayed by others who feel that the clinical approach is the only desirable method of practice.

Holistic Nurse Salary:
Holistic nurses make a fair amount of money. The average salary for these nurses is $58,000 pr year. As you may well know, you pay will increase with more experience and years of service.

Holistic Nursing School:
If you want schools that offer flight nursing programs, visit the advanced nursing education website. You will be able to find schools online and on campus. You should request for the free and no obligation information offered. You can go there by following this link.

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