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What is Emergency Room Nurse?
The Emergency Room Nurse, commonly referred to as an ER Nurse, provides initial assessment and care to patients that are admitted to the Emergency Room with critical and very often life-threatening conditions. They often must be very flexible in the hours they work and must be willing to work some weekends. The ER Nurse will perform such duties as:

1. Working with patients who may be depressed, confused or even semi-conscious
2. Track vital signs
3. Administer medications
4. Assist doctors
5. Keep family members informed of the patient's condition

How to Become an Emergency Room Nurse:
The first thing you must do if you are serious about pursuing a nursing degree is to first go to an accredited high school in order to get your diploma or equivalent. You will be taking such classes as biology, algebra, chemistry, psychology and computer classes. You will also have to take either the ACT or SAT in order to be accepted into an accredited nursing school. Most people these days end up getting a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing because it gets them further in their career.

When you go to nursing school, you will concentrate on taking such subjects as the following:

a. Human Anatomy
b. Foundations of Nursing
c. Psychology
d. Medical Terminology
e. Human Physiology
f. Pharmacology
g. Microbiology
h. Nutrition
i. Clinical rotations at various hospitals

When you complete the nursing program, you will have to spend some time preparing to take the NCLEX or the "National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses". Nurses wanting to work in the Emergency Room may need current TNCC (trauma nursing core course), ACLS (advanced cardiac life support), PALS certification, BLS (basic life support), phlebotomy skills, advanced cardiac monitoring, centerline and IV skills.In addition to working in hospitals, ER Nurses work in various settings. They may be employed by research institutes, hospital transport companies, poison control centers and even cruise ships.

Reports put out by the BLS state that nursing jobs within hospitals will not see as much growth in general in this field and this is the place where many ER Nurses usually work. However, when compared to job growth in other occupations, nursing is on the rise at a faster rate than average.

Emergency Room Nurse Salary:
ER nursing pays very well. The average salary for these nurses is $78,000 pr year. We’ve seen some of these nurses that make as much as $101,000 per year. This is indeed excellent pay.

Emergency Room Nursing School:
If you are looking for schools that offer ER nursing programs, visit the advanced nursing training website. There, you will find schools in our area or online. You should request for the free information offered. You can go there by clicking this link.

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